Junior, Senior, Master Stylist?

What does that mean for you?

Junior stylists have at least one-three years experience in the hair industry and are still building their clientele. Junior stylists as well as all our stylist levels are in continuous education. Junior level stylists also attend our weekly education classes through the salon education team. They have tested out of entry level training and are now into the more advance training. They are eager to learn more about their trade and are pushing themselves to get to the next level with performance.

Senior stylists are ‘seasoned’ stylists that have four+ years of experience. They have met all the requirements for advance cutting and coloring. Their expertise thrives from their professionalism and quality of work as an individual.

Master stylists (best of the best) are the innovators and pacesetters in the salon. They are acknowledged in our salon as leaders and bring the most educated experience to the team. Masters bring a wealth of knowledge and broad portfolio of design ideas to their clients. They also help train and mentor junior stylists.

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